Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Children's Chorus

The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Children's Chorus is recognised as one of the finest treble choirs in the world. The ensemble is committed to the enrichment of children’s lives through the discipline, teamwork and unique camaraderie through fine choral singing.

The unparalleled music education and life-changing opportunities to perform exceptional music in local, national and international venues help to promote the personal welfare, growth and a portfolio of life skills that prepare our young people to become effective forces for good. The staff of the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy perceive outstanding musicianship in every child who loves to sing and excel in their ability to realise the potential of each child and assist in transforming them into empowered young people.

The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Children's Chorus offers artistic excellence, character-building experiences and leadership opportunities while nurturing musical academic and individual achievement. We build a musical education structure that includes sight singing, theory training, master classes and workshops with expert clinicians while offering exceptional performance opportunities and collaborations with other musicians such as the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. The choir’s vast repertoire embraces diverse cultures and traditions and covers an extensive range of musical genres.


  • Genre: Choir
  • Rehearsal: Wednesday 4:15pm - 5:15pm; Saturday 10am - 11am
  • Location: The Hall Nazareth Lutheran Church 12 Hawthorne Street Woollongabba Queensland 4102
  • Members: Staff: Alison Rogers
  • Tel: 07 2102 1424
  • Facebook Page