Chorister Profile - Shannon Robinson

Chorister Profile - Shannon Robinson

Posted: November 07, 2017

Our latest Chorister Profile is with the fabulous Shannon Robinson. Shannon has been singing with the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy from the age of 7 and now sings with both the Exaudi Australis and Vocal Manoeuvres ensembles. We asked Shannon about the highlights of her time with the academy.

You have been with the VM Academy from the age of 7; what keeps you motivated and interested in singing? What do you love about it?

Music is something that has been in my life from such a young age, without it I feel like there is a big hole missing in my life. I love how music can touch anyone regardless of your race, gender, sexuality or anything else. It's a universal love that everyone can appreciate. Singing is such an easy way to create this emotion as you don't need anything else but your voice; making other people feel these emotions makes me love singing even more and motivates me to continue to sing. 

Tell us about some of the highlights from your time with the academy? What has been your favourite performance?

There have been so many, but the intense, fast-paced performances have always been a love of mine. Singing in Creative Generation and touring with Mirusia I would consider being my most fulfilling performances. As well as singing as a solo artist I participate in Exaudi Australis and Vocal Manoeuvres. Singing in a group unlocks a whole other side of music and when we perform really well it makes me feel proud of my 'team mates' and of myself. 

You are a CGEN Alumni singer and a featured singer in this years Creative Generation Onstage - what is it like to be an Alumni singer? Tell us how you prepare for a big performance like this?

Obviously, being able to perform in such a high quality event is in itself an amazing experience, but one of the best things that I personally get out of participating in CGEN is becoming an influence for younger performers in in the show. Inspiring other's to continue to sing and share music is one of the most important things to me.

In terms of preparing for an event of this magnitude, I've found that it is important to come to every rehearsal and performance musically prepared and with a fun, positive attitude.

You are preparing for your penultimate singing exam - what will you be singing?

I will be singing a total of eight pieces for my ATCL Examination. These include 'Air de Bijoux/Jewel Song'- Gounod, ‘Hear ye, Israel' - Mendelssohn, 'Sweeter Than Roses' - Purcell, 'Dove Sono' - Mozart, 'Nocturne' - Head, 'Farewell, Ye Limpid Springs' - Handel, 'Le Colibri' - Chausson and 'To Daffodils' - Delius. 

Learning these pieces has been a great challenge for me and I'm extremely proud of the progress I have made. 

Through your study in the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy, you’ve enjoyed the opportunity to travel with Andrè Rieu’s Angel of Australia, Mirusia. How many times have you toured through the Netherlands with her and what was that like? 

Having the pleasure of being on tour with Mirusia is an incredible honor. She is such an accomplished musician and I have learnt and continue to learn great things from her. On top of this, she is extremely caring, kindhearted and made my time touring with her fun and exciting. I have been able to tour throughout The Netherlands three times now and I gained more and more experience every time. It was an absolute joy to perform with such an amazing women and these concerts will forever be some of my favourite experiences. 

What’s next for you in singing, do you have any future goals? 

I couldn't imagine a life without music in it, so my future plans right now is to just keep singing. I want to take every opportunity that comes my way and possibly explore other music genres in the future. Whether I'm singing at a local bar, with family friends or on an internationally renowned concert stage, my love for music will never change. 

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not singing?

I am currently at QUT studying a 'Bachelor of Creative Industries' majoring in 'Entertainment' and 'Media & Communications.' This has been a perfect degree choice for myself as I love every part of the creative industries and want to learn as much as I can about all its different aspects. 

Thank you for your time Shannon, it's been great chatting to you!