About Us

Founded by Alison Rogers, the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy was created to give you, as lovers of all types of singing, access to outstanding vocal training and choral ensemble experiences led by skilled industry experts.

Extending her personal mission to elicit the authentic voice within each and every person she comes into contact with, Alison has designed the programs in the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy to harness the vital resource of your authentic voice and exquisitely harmonise it within this symphony of humanity.

Whether performing covers at the local pub's open mic night or symphonic repertoire in the world's finest concert houses, you will feel instantly connected with your audience because of how you relate with your authentic voice, the voice that only you have and the world deserves to hear.

The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy has become the 'go to' academy for people just like you who see singing as an authentic expression of who they truly are, as an opportunity to find a significant level of meaningfulness and connection for themselves, for the people they sing with and perform for and as a source of positive inspiration and impact to the world in which we live.


To teach the world in sing, in perfect harmony.


Our mission is to empower your voice through our vocal coaching and choral ensemble programs so your unique melody will be heard and harmonised in this symphony of humanity.


Our values reflect our vision and mission. They reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company and as individuals.

Value We value ourselves, our voice, our people and honour our diversity and encourage our development.

Openness We communicate fully and openly, encouraging and valuing differences and sharing knowledge.

Connection We sing together, we connect across boundaries and nurture our relationships.

Accountability We are personally accountable to sing it, own it, solve it and do it.

Leadership We have the courage to do what is right, to take risks, to add value and lead by example.

We lead you to discover and develop your voice through our singing lessons and vocal coaching programs. Or, harmonise your unique voice within one of our many choir ensembles ranging from small group, contemporary a capella ensembles to large, symphonic choruses. Singers of all ages and skill sets welcome to apply for singing lessons, vocal coaching or our choir ensemble program.

APPLY NOW, download our Application Form - we look forward to meeting you and hearing your beautiful voice.