Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Youth Ensemble

The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Youth Ensemble is an extraordinary company of young singers, 13 to 19 years of age.

These young singers have the opportunity to learn the vital skills specific to developing harmonic placement and perception within an ensemble in addition to developing solo skills in performance with the ensemble when the opportunity presents.

The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Youth Ensemble rehearses weekly for 60 minutes. Additionally, the singers are provided an intensive Music Skills Program which includes a 30 minute weekly class held after the ensemble rehearsal and small group tutorials in the form of Music Skills Basics. These additional classes ensure all singers are performing and contributing to the utmost of their ability with personal confidence and assured musicianship.

The singers are provided a diverse program of traditional choral repertoire and music theatre works in addition to folk songs and choral arrangements of contemporary pop works.

Recent performances for Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Youth Choir include regular Citizenship Ceremonies, the Lord Mayor's Christmas Carols held at the Brisbane Riverstage and Fete de la Musique performances at the South Bank Parklands.


  • Genre: Youth Choir
  • Rehearsal: Monday Music Skills 1 4:30pm - 5pm; Rehearsal 5pm - 6pm and Music Skills 2 6pm - 6:30pm
  • Location: The Hall Nazareth Lutheran Church 12 Hawthorne Street Woollongabba Queensland 4102
  • Members: Staff: Alison Rogers, Peter Krenske, Aarya Dath
  • Tel: 07 3286 1852