Singing Lessons

The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Private Tuition Program is delivered at either our Coorparoo or Redland City premises or in a virtual capacity via weekly lessons and classes, onsite or online for 40 weeks a year generally in alignment with school terms.

Current students and graduates of our program are enjoying outstanding successes in the live performance, recording media and music education arenas. Our students have the opportunity to gain formal examination qualifications through the leading international examinations board Trinity College or the Australian based AMEB system.

What places our Private Tuition Program in a position of continued success is our unique methods of training, which integrate the science and art of singing. Students of our Private Tuition Program, from beginner to advanced, see a professional method of delivery and proven results. As the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy values our client's investment of time and money, we provide tuition not only at our dedicated premises but also online.

Our clients are:

  • Singers of all levels including professionals and amateurs, children and adults who are wanting to learn, develop and explore their singing, extend their repertoire and improve their vocal skill, tone and timbre;
  • Professional singers wanting an experienced strength and conditioning coach who understands the psychology of maintaining a performing career at a peak performance level and who has the capacity to isolate and address specific deficits;
  • Professional performing artists working in the music theatre, contemporary or classical and operatic genres who require specific short term coaching in preparation for forthcoming auditions or specific roles;

We know the reason clients continually seek us out is because they know we are absolutely committed to being the best voice coaches, teachers and mentors in these very specific services we offer. We are at the forefront of the industry because our skills and programs deliver tangible results, but that’s not what clients tell others. They don’t talk about their Vocal Manoeuvres Academy experience just in terms of performance accolades, increased vocal ranges, improved pitch or dynamic volumes. They report their time with us as ‘priceless’, life changing and never ending because of what they learn not only about their voice but also about themselves. How changing the way they relate with their authentic voice and that of others is what really matters.

To schedule an consultation lesson or request our Private Tuition Policy and Schedule of Fees, please contact our Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Manager on


  • Location: Woolloongabba, Australia AND Redland City (Cleveland), Australia. In a virtual capacity online.
  • Rehearsal: Lessons are offered Monday to Saturday.