Chorister Profile - Emma Bell

Chorister Profile - Emma Bell

Posted: July 14, 2017

How long have you been singing with the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy?

I have been singing with VMA for approximate 6 months.

Which ensemble and/or events have you performed in?

Within the academy, I have become a chorister in the VMA Youth Ensemble (my starting ensemble in VMA last year), and then Queensland Festival Chorus (QFC) since the beginning of 2017. Through these ensembles, I have been privileged enough to take part in some great events such as Lord Mayor’s Seniors Christmas Party, Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols at Riverstage, Christmas Carolling at Stamford, and the Redlands Citizenship Ceremony. I’ve also participated in the Creative Generation: Stage Schools Onstage production as part of the Core Choir (conductor by Alison Rogers) for a total of 2 years.

Why did you choose to sing with the VMA over other choirs/schools?

Being so in love with music and choral singing as I am, I wanted to have the experience of taking part in more professional choirs and vocal training. I first heard of Vocal Manoeurves Academy through Creative Generation, where Alison would mention the success of her business and the great level of opportunities and skills provided. Once I joined the academy, I knew that I’d chosen the right place for me to express my passion for music and learn great, new skills at the same time, and not once have I looked back on my decision.

On a technical level, how does the VMA compare/differ from other singing instruction you may have taken part in?

I find that the VMA experience I’ve received has focused more on my individual voice, rather than trying to resemble others. As Alison constantly reminds me, “nobody in this world has what you have.” Instead of aiming to sing like others, the instruction given at the academy helps me to find my own voice. I’ve learnt not to put myself down because I may not have the same skills as somebody else, but to embrace and use what I have because everybody in this world has their own unique voice.

Describe what training with the VMA is like!

Training with VMA is challenging, but in the best way. I receive constructive, informative and encouraging criticism which only helps towards the improvement of my voice. It’s, without a doubt, hard work, but it definitely pays off in the end.

What was the repertoire you had to prepare/perform for this exam?

For this exam, I had to perform a Vaccai, Somewhere Over the Rainbow from the musical The Wizard of Oz, Home from the musical Beauty and the Beast, and Sebben Crudele.

What is your favourite style of music/singing?

My favourite style of music would, unquestionably, be rock music (whether it’s classic, progressive, psychedelic, or even grunge). Some of my favourite bands and artists are Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Violent Soho, Sticky Fingers and Tame Impala. However, I love to sing musical theatre pieces, jazz numbers, sometimes even classical works, and, finally, pop ballads. Maybe This Time, from the musical Cabaret, is one of my favourite performances of solo songs I have ever sung.

Where to from here? Where do you hope to take your singing career in future?

My goal, at the moment, is to continue studying music (hopefully into university) and my vocal and choral training so I can, later on in life, use my skills to educate students in high school. I hope to stay with VMA as long as possible

We congratulate Emma on her achievements!