The Wonderful Creative Generation of 2017

The Wonderful Creative Generation of 2017

Posted: July 17, 2017

Last Saturday saw the conclusion of the 13th presentation of Creative Generation State School's Onstage for 2017. 

Our Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Director, Alison Rogers, has been involved in this event from the very beginning when the company was contracted to stage the first event at QPAC on an eight week timeline. The event has grown into an enormously successful annual event and is now staged at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

For the past seven months, we have been consulted on repertoire, viewed countless audition submissions, chaired call back auditions, selected and rehearsed the Featured Vocalists and Backing Vocalists for Creative Generation State School's Onstage 2017.  

The talented Featured Soloists and Backing Vocalists are seen here together with their coaches Renae Suttie (seen here in her typical arm raised power move) and Alison Rogers (centre front) prior to their final performance. It has been an enormous privilege to work with these young artists and the quality of their performances was extraordinary and breathtaking. 

For some, it is their final time with us as they are in Year 12 and we warmly welcome them into the Alumni for 2018 for the other singers, their journey with us is just beginning. They are exceptionally talented vocalists prepared to work hard to reach their defined goals, we wish them well for the remainder of 2017 and look forward to working with many of them again throughout the year in the tuition, ensemble and performance programs within the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy.